PRE-ORDER The Brave of Gold Goldran - Dran & Great Parts

Vendor: Kotobukiya
Item Name: PRE-ORDER Kotobukiya - The Brave of Gold Goldran - Dran & Great PartsRelease Date: April 2022ETA: May 2022Offer Date: August 2021Order/Down Payment Deadline: November 05, 2021Minimum Down Payment:...



Item Name: PRE-ORDER Kotobukiya - The Brave of Gold Goldran - Dran & Great Parts
Release Date: April 2022
ETA: May 2022
Offer Date: August 2021
Order/Down Payment Deadline: November 05, 2021
Minimum Down Payment: ₱750
Pre-Order Price: ₱3330
Suggested Retail Price: ₱3700
*Minimum down payment required to reserve a slot*

The sixth entry in the Kotobukiya Brave series is a set of parts for recreating Dran and Great Goldran from The Brave of Gold Goldran!

The model for Dran perfectly recreates the proportions from the original design and anime with strict attention to detail. With an inner articulated frame that extends through each part of the model’s body and a finely detailed sculpt of each part, the perfect balance of aesthetic and articulation was achieved for this character!

The elbow and thigh joints use a sliding feature that allows the parts to move without disrupting the model’s proportions.

The kit includes three pre-painted face parts, Dran’s sword, and a variety of hand parts to recreate memorable scenes from the series.

The Great Parts can be combined with the separately sold SKY GOLDRAN to build Great Goldran, providing even more ways to enjoy and display the models!

Extra care was also given when sculpting the new Great Goldran face part to make sure it fully resembles the art from the series.


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