PRE-ORDER Soukou Musume - LBCS:JI・BANYAN Tsugumi Kozakura [LIMITED]

Vendor: Kotobukiya
Item Name: PRE-ORDER Kotobukiya - Soukou Musume - LBCS:JI・BANYAN Tsugumi Kozakura [LIMITED]Release Date: March 2022ETA: April 2022Offer Date: September 2021Order/Down Payment Deadline: October 15, 2021Minimum Down Payment: ₱625Pre-Order Price: ₱2790Suggested...



Item Name: PRE-ORDER Kotobukiya - Soukou Musume - LBCS:JI・BANYAN Tsugumi Kozakura [LIMITED]
Release Date: March 2022
ETA: April 2022
Offer Date: September 2021
Order/Down Payment Deadline: October 15, 2021
Minimum Down Payment: ₱625
Pre-Order Price: ₱2790
Suggested Retail Price: ₱3100
*Minimum down payment required to reserve a slot*

*All pre-orders are limited in quantity.  In the case of order/allotment limitations, those who will not be able to secure a slot will be queued for the next batch of release/reissue.

Soukou Musume is a new game by DMM and Level-5 based on the motif of Level-5’s Danball Senki, and now characters from the game are joining Kotobukiya’s plastic model kit lineup!
The third character to join the lineup is LBCS:JI・BANYAN Tsugumi Kozakura!

Model Specifications:
・This multi-colored plastic kit includes pre-painted parts, allowing users to achieve a finished look simply by assembling the kit.
・The kit includes four face parts: “default,” “winking,” “shouting,” and “puzzled.”
・The face parts are all pre-printed, with no decals or additional painting required.
・The kit includes two sets of cat ears with different angles to match different types of poses.
・The hand parts/weapons are connected with a joint that is universal to the series, and are articulated to achieve an expressive range of poses.
・The clear “hitodama” parts can be connected with the included wire and displayed in different configurations.
・The kit includes decals for the eyes and other markings.
・The skirt is moveable, giving the legs a wider range of movement.
・The attachment part of the included base can be moved up and down.

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