PRE-ORDER Reel Life Gasha by Hubbyte in CosplayMania 2023 [LIMITED/EXCLUSIVE]

Vendor: Hubbyte Toy Store
Lucky Customers can win a Nintendo Switch – OLED Model The Legend of Zelda Edition, ASUS ROG Phone 6, or a Sony PlayStation 5 Disc Edition via our Reel Life Gasha in...



Lucky Customers can win a Nintendo Switch – OLED Model The Legend of Zelda EditionASUS ROG Phone 6, or a Sony PlayStation 5 Disc Edition via our Reel Life Gasha in Cosplay Mania 2023!!!

a. We accept pre-order and on-site participants. Priority will be given to pre-ordering customers attending the event. Pre-ordering customers (non-attendees) can also join.

b. Pre-order via site starts by September 18, 2023 and ends September 22, 2023. All payments (Payment Method: should be made and submitted via payment submission ( form by September 22, 2023, within the day.

c. There will be two bags, and the bags will be color coded, white for Php 500 bags, brown for Php 1000 bags.

d. Php 500 bags can contain prize/figures from Banpresto, SEGA, FuRYU, Taito, etc and can be priced at Php 850 (SRP) or more.

e. Php 1000 bags can contain prize figures from various Prize Figure brands, and Good Smile Company e.g. POP UP Parade, Nendoroid Series.

f. Nintendo Switch OLED marked Prize is inside one of the Php 500 bags.

g. The Php 1000 bag may contain one PlayStation 5 Disc Version (for Day 1) and one Asus Rog Phone 6 (for Day 2). In the event that the PS5 Disc Version is not reeled on Day 1, Day 2 customers can get a chance to get it.

h. Promotion is only open to all customers of legal age. Parents can fish/reel prizes together with their children given the allotted time. Customers with special needs can also be accompanied with at least 1 person/guardian.

i. HBTS may update the rules/regulations with notice.

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I. How to buy?

A. On-line: Pre-order via this product link.
B. On-site: Line-up via our Hubbyte Promotion Booth and pay. (Maximum of Php 1000 per try. Line-up again if you want to try again)

Pre-ordering customers attending the event, will be given priority (separate line) in the queue (ala fast pass).

II. How to get the prizes?

A. Event Attendees
1. Customers can use their own fishing line, but we will be providing one.
2. Customers can also bring/use his/her own reel/line/hook.
3. Customers should be able to get a bag using the reel within 1 minute (no retries/repeat).
4. Customers should only reel the value they have ordered/paid for.
     Case 1: White bag if they paid Php 500.
     Case 2: Brown bag if they paid Php 1000
     Case 3: 2 pieces White bag if they paid Php 1000
5. Customers will be reeling in bags inside a 9-square-meter fenced area.
6. In the event that the time is up, customers should randomly pick the nearest bag in their position/location.
7. The Major Prizes will have a specially marked sticker inside the box/contents, customers are advised to open their figures away from the Promotion Booth.
8. If you receive a specially marked sticker inside the figure, please approach our main booth and a personnel shall brief you with the claiming of the prize.
9. All prizes are non-refundable, can’t be exchanged for other items or monetary value.
10. Attendees can attend Day 1 or Day 2 provided you have purchased a ticket for the event.

B. Non-Event Attendees (Pre-ordering) (video documented)
1. We will be assigning volunteers to reel/fish on your behalf.
2. Same 1 minute time will be given to the volunteer.
3. We will open the bag/prize.
4. We will inform customers via email, the instructions on claiming your prize.
5. Non-attendees can't select/choose the time to reel. We will be auto assigning it.
6. All non-attendees should be reeled in by Day 1.

C. Others
In the event that pre-ordering customers can't attend by the end of the day, we will also proceed with steps in II.B.

III. Major Prize Warranty

The Major Prizes has a 1 year warranty from purchase August 2024*

FAQs (to be updated)

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