PRE-ORDER Naruto Shippuden - Hashirama Senju 1/8

Vendor: HEX Collectibles
Item Name: PRE-ORDER Hex Collectibles - Naruto Shippuden - Hashirama Senju 1/8Release Date: 2023-Q3ETA: 2023-Q3Offer Date: May 11, 2022Order/Down Payment Deadline: May 20, 2022Minimum Down Payment: ₱10600Monthly Installment: ₱3400Pre-Order Price:...



Item Name: PRE-ORDER Hex Collectibles - Naruto Shippuden - Hashirama Senju 1/8
Release Date: 2023-Q3
ETA: 2023-Q3
Offer Date: May 11, 2022
Order/Down Payment Deadline: May 20, 2022
Minimum Down Payment: ₱10600
Monthly Installment: ₱3400
Pre-Order Price: ₱50350
Suggested Retail Price: ₱53000
*Minimum down payment required to reserve a slot*

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“Will you destroy everything that we’ve accomplished until now, Madara?”
HEX Collectibles presents the Senju Hashirama Ultimate Diorama Statue in 1:8 scale from Naruto Shippuden. The statue measures 22.7" tall, inspired by the battle between Senju Hashirama and Uchiha Madara. Hashirama makes wood golem and dragon to confront with Madara's Complete Body — Susano’o.
Hashirama wears the dark red armour constructed from numerous metal plates, and a huge scroll is tied behind his waist. The God of Shinobi wields his scarred samurai broadsword standing atop the body of wood dragon, roaring at Madara with an angry face. His long black hair swings with the wind, and crumbled stones fly in the air, which shows a dynamic battle scene perfectly.
The giant wood golem rises straight from the ground, clenching it left fist ready to punch the enemy. The wood dragon with a hook nose coils around the golem, snarling with a horrible look. They are detailed sculpted with stern eyes, sharp teeth, and wood-like grain, which adds a realistic feeling to the whole statue.
Just like the brand concept of HEX Collectibles, our team has always looked at ways to push the boundary on design and capture the essence of each character we love. HEX Collectibles will continue to bring beloved characters to life with the distinguished dynamic design style.
Naruto Shippuden fans, don't miss your chance to add this Hashirama statue to your UDS collection!
・Statue Size approximately 22.7" tall [H: 57.6cm W: 44cm D: 46cm]
・Three (3) interchangeable Hashirama’s heads (in normal, Sage Mode and reincarnation appearance)
・Two (2) interchangeable Hashirama’s left arms (holding the broadsword vertically and horizontally)
・Two (2) interchangeable Hashirama’s bodies (normal body and reincarnation body)
・One (1) samurai broadsword
・One (1) wood golem and dragon themed base
・One (1) additional wood style platform
・LED Illumination effect on eyes of wood golem and wood dragon

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