SPECIAL ORDER Kotobukiya - Heaven Burns Red - Tsukasa Tojo 1/7 [EXCLUSIVE]

Vendor: Kotobukiya
Item Name: SPECIAL-ORDER Kotobukiya - Heaven Burns Red - Tsukasa Tojo 1/7 [EXCLUSIVE]Release Date: May 2024ETA: 1-2 months from shippingOrder Deadline: January 11, 2024Minimum Downpayment: ₱6200Monthly Installment: ₱2067Price: ₱12400Product Size:...



Item Name: SPECIAL-ORDER Kotobukiya - Heaven Burns Red - Tsukasa Tojo 1/7 [EXCLUSIVE]
Release Date: May 2024
ETA: 1-2 months from shipping
Order Deadline: January 11, 2024
Minimum Downpayment: ₱6200
Monthly Installment: ₱2067
Price: ₱12400
Product Size: 1/7, 245mm tall
Exclusive Bonus: Bonus Face
*Minimum Downpayment is required to reserve a slot.*

Guidelines for Scaled Figures:

- All scaled figures are on an installment basis until release month.

- Installment amount is the balance (pre-order price, minus down payment), divided by the number of month until release month.

- Customers should pay at least the minimum required monthly installment. Customers can pay more than the minimum required. Please always submit the copy using payment submission form.

- Installment payment is due every last day of the month (Starts after the succeeding month after pre-ordering deadline).

- Customers should not miss any installment payment amount.

- Any missing payments should be made in the succeeding month.

- Three (3) consecutive, missed installment payments = order is void/nullified, minimum down payment/additional payment installments included.

- In the event that the item is released/arrived earlier than expected, any remaining balances should be settled 1 week from arrival notification.

- Down payment and any partial/installment payments are not refundable/nor transferrable. We can only allow the deposits/installment accounts to be refunded if supplier/manufacturer decided to cancel/discontinue the production.

From Heaven Burns Red comes a 1/7 scale figure of Tsukasa Tojo, the self-proclaimed elite intelligence officer in Squad 31A! 

A detailed gradation was utilized when painting the figure to recreate the delicate design of the original illustration. Holding her Seraph, this piece has been skillfully sculpted for a stunning finish that looks incredible from any angle.

Fine details such as the electronic military device and uniform accessories have also been brought to life with great care. Her flowing blonde hair has also been dynamically sculpted to reflect the flow of movement and can be admired from all angles.

This self-proclaimed elite is actually a clumsy intelligence officer! Add the adorable Tsukasa Tojo to your collection today!

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