PRE-ORDER Uodenim Original Character - Hui Lan 1/6 [EXCLUSIVE] [JP]

Vendor: Rocket Boy
Item Name: PRE-ORDER Rocket Boy - Uodenim Original Character - Hui Lan 1/6 [EXCLUSIVE] [JP]Release Date: August 2023ETA: November 2023Order/Down Payment Deadline: May 12, 2023Minimum Down Payment: ₱3700Monthly Installment: ₱6600Pre-order...



Item Name: PRE-ORDER Rocket Boy - Uodenim Original Character - Hui Lan 1/6 [EXCLUSIVE] [JP]
Release Date: August 2023
ETA: November 2023
Order/Down Payment Deadline: May 12, 2023
Minimum Down Payment: ₱3700
Monthly Installment: ₱6600
Pre-order Price: ₱16900
Price: ₱18300
Exclusive Bonus: Illustrated Postcard
Product Size: 1/6, Total Height:29cm
Limit 1 per customer, we require completion of balance 1 WEEK before release month.
*Minimum DP required to reserve a slot*.

Guidelines for Scaled Figures:

- All scaled figures are on an installment basis until release month.

- Installment amount is the balance (pre-order price, minus down payment), divided by the number of month until release month.

- Customers should pay at least the minimum required monthly installment. Customers can pay more than the minimum required. Please always submit the copy using payment submission form.

- Installment payment is due every last day of the month (Starts after the succeeding month after pre-ordering deadline).

- Customers should not miss any installment payment amount.

- Any missing payments should be made in the succeeding month.

- Three (3) consecutive, missed installment payments = order is void/nullified, minimum down payment/additional payment installments included.

- In the event that the item is released/arrived earlier than expected, any remaining balances should be settled 1 week from arrival notification.

- Down payment and any partial/installment payments are not refundable/nor transferrable.  We can only allow the deposits/installment accounts to be refunded if supplier/manufacturer decided to cancel/discontinue the production.

Uodenim's Original Character "Hui Lan" Sculpted In Figure Form!

Original character by popular illustrator, Uodenim. 

Hui Lan-chan has been reproduced into a figure! 

Hui Lan in such gorgeous and lustrous dress is a rare must-see opportunity.

Let's pretend we didn't see those bountiful outpouring breasts and buttocks spilling out of her cheongsam.

Interchangeable parts are included, so you can enjoy Hui Lan's NICE body.

Even in a sitting position, she brings out the VOLUME! 

Whether you take a glimpse from her front or back, HuiLan-chan is absolutely lovely!

Please consider having her at hand.

Accessories: Base, Interchangeable Body Parts, and Incense Burner
Pre-Order Bonus:Illustrated Postcard by Uodenim

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