PRE-ORDER DWN-009 - Metal Man

Vendor: Monika Toys
Item Name: PRE-ORDER Monika Toys - DWN-009 - Metal ManRelease Date: December 2020ETA: 2021-Q1Order/Downpayment Deadline: August 28, 2020 or Until Supplies LastMinimum Downpayment: ₱1300Pre-Order Price: ₱5850Suggested Retail Price: ₱6500*Minimum Downpayment...


Item Name: PRE-ORDER Monika Toys - DWN-009 - Metal Man
Release Date: December 2020
ETA: 2021-Q1
Order/Downpayment Deadline: August 28, 2020 or Until Supplies Last
Minimum Downpayment: ₱1300
Pre-Order Price: ₱5850
Suggested Retail Price: ₱6500
*Minimum Downpayment is required to reserve a slot.*

Robot Master is a name used to refer to humanoidappearing boss robots from the original Mega Man series that possess a very advanced level of artificial intelligence. Most, if not all, Robot Masters possess a Special. These powers can be gained mainly by Mega Man, Proto Man, or Bass after the robot is defeated. Each Robot Master has a "consciousness", although the level of every "cognitive circuit" embedded inside each one of them varies, producing as many different "personality" types as found in people. Like humans, they can speak, and have emotional responses like shyness or anger.

Metal Man
Metal Man was the first Robot Master built by Dr Wily, created specifically for his revenge against Mega Man. Wily based Metal Man's design on Cut Man and his special weapon is the Metal Blade, which are large, razor-sharp, circular saw blades made of ceramic titanium that he can throw at a high speed with deadly accuracy. His lightweight design also grants him high agility, but because of a design flaw, Metal Man is particularly vulnerable to Mega Man’s Mega Buster and to his own Metal Blades.

S/N : MSCM110001
Dimensions : 25cm x 23cm x 20cm(H)
Packaging : 27cm x 27cm x 21.3cm
Carton Size : 28.6cm x 27.9cm x 24.1cm
Nett Weight : 1.7kg Gross Weight : 2.78kg
Made from Resin

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