SPECIAL ORDER BINDing - BINDing Creators Opinion - Anubis Casino: Bare Leg Ver. 1/4 [EXCLUSIVE] [JP]

Vendor: BINDing
Item Name: SPECIAL ORDER BINDing - BINDing Creators Opinion - Anubis Casino: Bare Leg Ver. 1/4 [EXCLUSIVE] [JP]Release Date: April 2024ETA: July 2024Order/Down Payment Deadline: January 04, 2024Minimum Down Payment:...



Item Name: SPECIAL ORDER BINDing - BINDing Creators Opinion - Anubis Casino: Bare Leg Ver. 1/4 [EXCLUSIVE] [JP]
Release Date: April 2024
ETA: July 2024
Order/Down Payment Deadline: January 04, 2024
Minimum Down Payment: ₱4300
Monthly Installment: ₱8500
Price: ₱21300
Product Size: 1/4, Total height:26cm
Limit 1 per customer, we require completion of balance 1 WEEK before release month.
*Minimum DP required to reserve a slot*.

Guidelines for Scaled Figures:

- All scaled figures are on an installment basis until release month.

- Installment amount is the balance (pre-order price, minus down payment), divided by the number of month until release month.

- Customers should pay at least the minimum required monthly installment. Customers can pay more than the minimum required. Please always submit the copy using payment submission form.

- Installment payment is due every last day of the month (Starts after the succeeding month after pre-ordering deadline).

- Customers should not miss any installment payment amount.

- Any missing payments should be made in the succeeding month.

- Three (3) consecutive, missed installment payments = order is void/nullified, minimum down payment/additional payment installments included.

- In the event that the item is released/arrived earlier than expected, any remaining balances should be settled 1 week from arrival notification.

- Down payment and any partial/installment payments are not refundable/nor transferrable. We can only allow the deposits/installment accounts to be refunded if supplier/manufacturer decided to cancel/discontinue the production.

The Adorable Guardian God of the Dead, Anubis, is Back with Her Seductive Attire!

An original character by Houtengeki taking inspiration from the world of Egyptian legends, the Egyptian deity Anubis has resurfaced in her bare legs.

Gorgeous gold and black outfit complimenting her voluptuous amber skin, 

Though her gaze may be coy, her plump breasts and muscular hips are an open invitation.  

Every aspect of her salacious allure has been recreated in great detail, as overseen by illustrator Houtengeki.

The goddess Anubis became even more vivid when tights are stripped off just like a dead market.

Be sure to enshrine this treasure in your household altar.. together with "Bastet" which we'll tease on a later date.

The goddess Bastet descended to the earth with a more vivid existence by taking off her net tights.

Please enshrine her in your altar together with the "Anubis", guiding you to your own peril.

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